Buddhist Architecture in the Western Himalaya
FWF Research Project P22857


  Saspotse temple
General description
  Saspotse Pictures

The temple of Saspotse, also called Saspotse Gompa or the old Lhakhang of Saspotse, remains as a ruin in a rather derelict state owing to neglect from the villagers. It houses an extraordinary set of carved wooden sculptures and beautiful wall paintings which have survived despite the decayed state of the building. The sculptures mostly show images of the Buddha, some of them also depict chörten. As part of the cultural heritage of Ladakh, these interior decorations are historically priceless.

Of the temple itself remain parts of the walls and the roof construction. Inside the temple a small chörten made of stone can be found which is in a good state. Other side buildings only survived as ruins, with some architectural details, such as doors, remaining.


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