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Southern view of the ruin. Neuwirth 2009.
South-eastern view of the ruin. Neuwirth 2009.
North-western view of the ruin. Neuwirth 2009.
Western view of the ruin. Neuwirth 2009.
South-western view of the ruin. Neuwirth 2009.
Wall of the former entrance hall. Neuwirth 2009.
Wall of the former entrance to the main room. Neuwirth 2009.
Detail of the brickwork. Neuwirth 2009.
View from the site to Thikse. Neuwirth 2009.

The Temple ruin between Nyarma and Thikse

Coordinates of the site: 34° 2’48.62″ northern latitude and 77°40’16.63″ eastern longitude, at an altitude of 3267 meters.

An interesting ruin of an ancient temple lies between the two villages Nyarma and Thikse, approximately 1.5 kilometres northwest of the imposing ruin field of Nyarma. Only parts of the outer walls survived, nevertheless giving an overall impression of the former building. The remaining walls consist of mudbrick and have a stone foundation. Although the roof and the inner decoration have been lost, the form of the structure suggests that the building once was a temple. Reconstructing the floor plan a main cella and its entrance hall become visible. The structure shows a nearly square main room that once measured 9.40 x 9.60 metres with a 2.40 metres wide entrance hall that faces south-west. The length of the outer wall at the north-western side, that still exists, measures 14.65 metres with a high of 5.2 metres. The former north-eastern wall measured 11.55 metres. The wall thickness is approximately 95 centimetres. From its outer appearance the temple ruin resembles the ruins of the complex in Basgo.

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